5 Things Trending in Retail Construction & Retail Remodeling

H.W. Holmes, Inc. looks at 5 current trends in Los Angeles retail construction/retail remodeling to keep brick & mortar stores competitive with e-commerce.


4 Trends Shaping Today's Retail Remodeling

Shopper behaviors/patterns play a role in effective retail remodels. Here are 4 trends shaping retail remodeling in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara & Ventura.

Immediate Tax Deductions for Retail & Restaurant Remodeling

Los Angeles-area restaurant operators and retailers considering remodeling to attract customers and stay competitive have an unexpected ally. The government. More specifically, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS for short. This is due to the finalization the IRS issued Rev. Proc. 2015-56 – better known as the Remodel Safe Harbor Rule – which offers certain […]